PREORDER – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figure 4-Pack 1/4 Baby Turtles


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10 cm


Available from October/November

After wading in a puddle of radioactive waste, these radical reptiles are transformed into New York City’s greatest crime-fighting quartet! The Baby Turtles are still tiny but ready to train with their master Splinter. 

These detailed, poseable figures stand 10 cm tall, making them perfectly in scale with NECA’s 1/4 scale TMNT action figure line, and they come with plenty of accessories. 

The set includes 4 Baby Turtles, pizza box, 4 slices of pizza, and bag of corn chips, plus a cool bonus-nunchuks and alternate nunchuk-spinning hand for NECA’s 1/4 Scale Michelangelo Action Figure (sold separately).

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